The Kim~Era

Akappella Institute is a music academy designed to "Perfect The Invisible Instrument". Founded in 2014 by Writer and Vocal Coach Kimera Lattimore, it's been a vehicle for growth and devolopment for hundreds of vocal students in and out of WNY. The teachings of AI are committed to instructing the correct way to implement the diversion of skills applied to excecute the best sound for each individual student. Vocal students go through a full year term (Sept-Aug) and an end of the year concert. Their weekly lesson consist of vocal teachings subject, but, not limited to                                  

  • Breathing                                
  • Vocal exercises                              
  • Tone usage     
  • Development                             
  • Vocal Techique   *skill                               
  • Ear Development                                
  • pronunciation               
  • Emotion and execution                           
  • Stage Presence                                                                                                                                                                    

Many students have been released from our academy with relative-perfect pitch, immense confidence, incredible development, and comfortability on stage leading them to stellar schools and vast music opportunities.

Writing students of Akappella Institute are taught in a compelling serene atmosphere set to stir up the wellspring of emotion through words that reside deep down inside. Writing students go through a full year term (sept-aug).  Through writing lessons at our academy a student can expect to be taught a range of writing styles such as

  • Concept                                                      
  • Fantasy                                                      
  • Metaphoric play                                                      
  • Analogy usage                                                      
  • Poetry                                                      
  • Conditional writing                                                      
  • Unconditional writing                                                   
  • Spoken word                               
  • Theory of  rhythm                                                                                                                
  • Stage presence 

As a writing student of AI we ensure writing development and evolving expression. Not to mention growth in grammar and vocabulary! 

Come perfect your gift at one of the best music/writing schools in WNY!!!