The Kim~Era

About Me

Kimera Lattimore is a singer, songwriter, producer, vocal coach, Elder, Founder of Alpha Rose Omega Inc. and soon to be Dr. of Theology from Buffalo NY.                

 Being the daughter of parents who are both musically inclined Kimera discovered a love for music at a very young age. At the age of 7 Kimera began singing at churches in WNY being identified as the "Little girl with the Big voice" winning numerous vocal competitions in her adolescence.                 

Throughout her teenage years two things were evidently candid about Kimera; her love for music and her love for God. At the tender age of 17 Kimera was chose amongst her performing arts school to be on a national tour.

                   While on tour Kimera was signed to a national recording label and toured for 7 years singing alongside artist such as James Fortune, Zacardi Cortez, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Byron Cage, Yolanda Adams, Marvin Sapp, Fred Hammond, William Murphy, Mary Mary, Kirk Franklin, Earnest Pugh, PJ Morton, and many more.

                  Having the privilege to sing about God intrigued Kimera into a hunger that music alone no longer fulfilled. In 2014 Kimera founded a Christian Sorority entitled "Alpha Rose Omega Sorority Inc. "ARO is now a national sorority that challenges spiritual discipline and empowers women to all while pouring into charities and caring for the homeless. The sisters of ARO are devoted to being Servants of Christ, Beacons of Light, and Women of Excellence".                  

Along with the pursuit of ministry Kimera frequently found herself in an atmosphere of music not escaping it as a full time job. She worked vigorously at writing producing, and arranging everything from jingles to albums for various artist. It was through that passionate journey that she stumbled upon an intense love for teaching.

                  In 2014 Kimera created "Akappella Institute". An academy designed to teach everything from the basics to the most intricate details of singing. Since then she's taught over 200 students leading the most driven to Arts Academy's and musical Television shows like "The Voice" and "America's Got Talent". 

                   As if singing, heading a sorority, and teaching wasn't enough the desire kimera had for ministry seemed to be one to always leave her hungry. Through committed study in January of 2014 Kimera was ordained as an Elder of the Gospel.  In the light of her ordaining she continued her study while being a student of theology school.               

In 2017 Kimera graduated from the Midwest College Of Theology earning her bachelors. The present day Kimera is spent serving as the Assistant Creative Director at her home Church "The Renovation Church", and chasing the Lions of her life all while teaching, writing, singing, and preaching in between.  She's thorough on her belief of integrity as she defines it as "Who do you chose to be when no one else can see". Her hope above all is to show this would that the beauty of individuality is difference and every difference is just as important as the other. To shed light on the invisible gifts and ensure they get opens. To show the most hurting pained heart that "God is NOT obscure, but tangible" as she very often says. 

Kimera is a bold expressive advocate for the underdog and devotes time to pushing them UP. She's a strong believer that our lives are story's just like the heros we admire in the bible and is determined to love hers for the Cause Of Christ.